Volunteering Opportunities

Science Journal for Kids is produced by a small group of team members who can’t possibly get around to completing all the tasks and ideas we have. To help us with that, we welcome volunteers’ input and help. Read on about the various volunteering opportunities we provide. Please note that when we have a staff opening, we recruit from the volunteer pool first and thus many of our staff members started off as volunteers.

Types of Opportunities

We’d like to provide NGSS alignment for all of our published articles (as well as potentially alignment to other state standards and curricula). We realize that this may be a massive undertaking, given that we have published nearly 200 scientific articles. However, it’s also the most useful improvement in our content we could possibly provide, based on multiple teachers’ feedback. 

This opportunity is best suited for experienced U.S.-based science teachers. After a certain amount of successful progress, we can convert it to a paid opportunity.

Submit a lesson for our Lesson Ideas blog. It could be:

  • a hands-on/online hybrid lesson like this one;
  • a long-term lab activity like this; or
  • a data graphic activity like this one about rhinos and this one about plastic pollution. 

It should be related to at least one of our scientific articles (which will be suggested as a reading extension). We will provide personal credit with a link to your online profile. 

Conduct and submit an interesting interview with a scientist, a teacher, or a student like this one with a young researcher or this one with a student-scientist.

Help us select papers worth adapting for kids. Check our publication criteria here. To make a recommendation, either complete the application form below or directly email the selection editor

Teachers who love and use our content can become further involved. Here are some options (but we are open to other ideas as well!): 

  • Provide detailed feedback about your experience with our content: either unstructured by email or structured by completing this survey
  • Submit our site to scientific resource collections online (like this one) or in a local library or school district. 
  • Organize an Ask-a-scientist session for your students after reading one of our articles. (We can connect you to any of the researchers whose papers we’ve adapted.)
  • Lead a professional development session for your fellow teachers at school or in the district about ways to incorporate SJK scientific articles in class. 
  • Present about SJK resources at a teachers’ conference in your state. 
  • Host a webinar on Facebook (or other social media) for fellow science teachers. 
  • Develop a lesson plan based on one of our scientific articles (currently a PAID opportunity). 

Create a Wikipedia page about our organization similar to other children’s journals

Help us create a Google map with all the research locations from scientific papers we’ve adapted, similar to this one. In that way, readers will be able to filter all our articles based on research location. 

Record audio versions (like this one) of our articles for auditory learners or visually impaired readers.

Are you active and experienced in social media promotion? We would appreciate it if you shared our content with your audiences. We’d also welcome help with our own social media channels from experienced social media managers. 

We are a small and young non-profit organization open to learning and growth. We’d welcome advice or consultation from people (especially senior citizens) with valuable professional and life experience from the fields of education, resource management, research, non-profit etc. You can reach out to us by email.

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