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Free STEM Resources We Love and Recommend

If you like the scientific articles we offer on our site, here is a list of other awesome science teaching websites we highly recommend.

Each offers a wide variety of high-quality STEM teaching resources we’ve personally tested in a classroom. You can find anything from lesson plans and online courses to educational videos, podcasts, and games.

Case studies

Hundreds of case studies created or adapted by science teachers and college professors which cover almost any aspect or topic within science. It’s free to download the cases but you have to be a paid registered subscriber to get the teaching notes and answer keys (25$/yr).


You will find excellent resources on any topic within biology: genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, ecology, anatomy and so on. Lots of videos, interactive activities, projects and all sorts of vetted teaching resources. Most of the content is aimed at high school students. Everything is free courtesy of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Scientific Data

Do you want your students to play around with scientific datasets and explore scientific questions by looking directly at the data? That’s the place to browse and select from hundreds of activities. You can even find a couple of data exercises based on Science Journal for Kids articles.

Elementary School

Beautifully designed resources aimed at elementary school students (K-5) based on photographs, stories and exploratory questions.

Lesson plans

From Astronomy and Earth science to Physical and Life sciences, the California Academy of Sciences offers great hands-on lesson ideas for grades K through 12.

Girl scientists

A list of great online resources specifically for encouraging girls in science.

Citizen Science

Believe it or not, there are data analysis tasks in which people are better than computers! So scientific projects which require detailed image identification rely on volunteers from all over the world to help process the visual data. Classifying distant galaxies, identifying Shakespeare’s handwriting or tracking chimps in the wild – all can be done right here online.

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