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Free Science Webinars for Kids at Home

Here are some more free science teaching resources for kids (age 5-12) during the worldwide school shutdowns.

MEL Academy is offering online classes in physics, chemistry and elementary school science covering topics like:

  • Acids and alkali
  • Static electricity
  • Diffusion and mixing
  • Energy
  • Levers

Each webinar lasts 45 minutes, split into three equal parts.

  • Section 1: Investigation of the topic
  • Section 2: DIY science experiments
  • Section 3: MEL Science experiment demonstration

The experiments are done with household materials so it should be easy to follow and fun.

If you haven’t heard of MEL Science, they offer science experiments for kids to be done at home. If you subscribe you get a monthly science experiment kit in the mail with all the necessary equipment for the hands-on science activities.

Here’s the link to the free webinars:

Check our Lesson Ideas section for more tips for learning science – both in school and at home.

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