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3 Scientific Articles about COVID-19

The new coronavirus is all over the world! Many students study at home due to the pandemic and almost everyone has to live with coronavirus restrictions. Here we present three scientific articles about COVID-19 that could help students make sense of the situation and see how science is trying to solve the problem.

All three articles include at least one video to introduce the topic, as well as questions to check students’ understanding.

Can HIV drugs help COVID-19 patients?

Scientists all over the world are trying to develop vaccines and medicine against the new coronavirus. In this article, researchers try to treat COVID-19 patients with already developed anti-HIV drugs. Although the clinical trial is not successful it shows how science is not always about positive results. 

The adaptation is suitable for high school students and includes a time-series graph.

How can we help stop the COVID-19 pandemic?

Different countries are taking different measures in the fight against COVID-19. In this article, researchers developed a computer model that assesses the effect of these different measures. The model estimated that the best course against the current pandemic is social distancing of the entire population – so staying at home, as boring as it can be, is the best thing to do. 

This adaptation is suitable for high school students and includes a time-series graph and a data table.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on other diseases?

The measures against COVID-19 are necessary to fight the pandemic. On the other hand, they have a negative effect on many other aspects of our lives – economy, education, and even on other diseases. In this article, scientists developed a computer model to estimate how the measures against COVID-19 are impacting people with HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. These three diseases are a major treat! Unfortunately, the new coronavirus and the measures against it might increase the deaths by 10-36% for these infectious diseases

The article is suitable for middle school and lower high school students and includes a time-series graph and a data table.

That’s Not All!

Our site offers hundreds of scientific articles, many of them about infectious diseases, outbreaks, disease control and health and medical topics. Everything is free to download! Just use the filter to find the ones you need.

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